The costs shown on this page are for Bill's work only.  Additional costs may include the cost for a website, domain name, domain privacy, paper and ink.  Click here for a typical Website AGREEMENT between a client and Chesapeake Graphic Design Solutions.  Agreements for logos and printed materials follow a similar format.

Logo - $25

Website 5 pages or less - $90

Single-sided document - $25

Includes (but not limited to) business cards, posters, and flyers.

Double-sided document - $35

Website 6 to 10 pages - $150

Website more than 10 pages - Cost will be negotiated

Document of 3 to 6 pages - $60


Website projects include a free logo.  Add one printed document (such as a matching business card) to any website for $15.

Bill will provide copies of printed documents at his cost (no markup).  He will also provide the client with a flash drive containing all the components (photos, text, graphics, designs) of the project.  Digital versions of printed documents will be provided in several formats, including formats for use by a professional printer.